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Why it is Vital to Begin Montessori Education as a Young 3 Year Old

Montessori educators are frequently asked to explain why children enter the program at the age of three.

Here is a brief anecdote we often hear from parents of older 3 year olds:
Your child celebrated their 3rd birthday and in a few short months transformed from a toddler to an exploratory and creative individual who is clearly ready for more independence. You watch her blossom and grow before your eyes; she is inquisitive and curious to learn. It becomes apparent that she needs more than toys and activities in the home to stimulate her potential.

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The Development of the Child in Parallel with the Life Cycle of Living Organisms

Planning and Planting

On Earth Day, during the spring of last year, the children, families and teachers at Four Seasons Montessori gathered together to plant flowers, vegetables, herbs and fruiting plants in the school garden. A new tin-roofed pavilion, flower boxes, a greenhouse, and raised planter boxes had been built and stood ready to go; it was an exciting day of activity and shared effort.

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What is the 3 year cycle? – Montessori Preschool

four-seasons-montessori-fostering-independence“One of the most urgent endeavors to be undertaken on behalf of the reconstruction of society is the reconstruction of education. It must be brought about by giving…children the environment that is adapted to their [nature].”- Maria Montessori

The core framework of the Montessori pedagogy consists of four planes of development: 0-6, 6-12, 12-18, 18-24. From birth to age 6 the infant is forming the child, and from ages 6 to 12 this person consolidates; then from ages 12 to 18 the child is forming the adult, and from ages 18 to 24 this person consolidates. Each plane is divided into two three-year periods, often referred to as 3 year cycles of activity. Continue reading