Four Seasons Montessori
My son absolutely LOVES this school. Every morning he tells me how much he loves his school and his friends, and every evening he is in a great mood! He is learning to focus, complete his tasks, and be responsible for his belongings. He also loves to help and do meaningful work. And his teachers? Can't say enough good things about them. Thank you SO much, Four Seasons Montessori! 🙂
Four Seasons Montessori
I love this School! Both of my kids have attended Four Seasons Montessori and I have seen their growth in maturity, ability, confidence and leadership. The course the school provided from Maren Schmidt was extremely valuable, not only from learning what Montessori is about but also as a parent. Thank you to the amazing staff and Four Seasons!
Four Seasons Montessori
Our daughter is a November baby. We were faced with the decision to enter Kindergarten in 2014, delay a year, or do a Kindergarten equivalent. We ended up enrolling at Four Seasons – originally for three half days a week, then in January, we went to five half days per week.
As parents, we have been thrilled with the experience. Our daughter has flourished at the school. Her independence, confidence level, and enjoyment for learning have all increased. We feel that she is well prepared for entry into grade 1.
Keith and the staff have a great program in place. They are caring, nurturing, and just fantastic people overall. We cannot thank them enough for their efforts and energies every day. We leave with fond memories of our experience at Four Seasons.
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